Children’s Council of San Francisco Sample
Children’s Council of San Francisco Sample

Child care matters to us all.

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It’s a simple equation: when children are well cared-for and their parents can pursue work or school, their futures are brighter—and when families thrive, communities prosper. Inspired by a vision to bring quality care to every family in San Francisco, Children’s Council of San Francisco helps local parents find and pay for the care that meets their needs, while supporting child care professionals in providing the best care possible.

Children’s Council of San Francisco came to Mission Minded with a challenge: the decades-old resource and referral agency needed a brand reset. In order to meet its vision, the organization had to reach more local families and donors—a task that would require boosting its visibility as the city’s trusted expert on everything child care and early education. Children’s Council of San Francisco needed its brand to catch up to what it is today: a savvy, dependable, and caring champion for San Francisco’s families.

Mission Minded partnered with the child care champion to develop the critical brand components that would better reflect its dynamism and expertise, including a new messaging framework, tagline, visual identity, and website. This suite of communications tools would work powerfully together to create a new voice and look for Children’s Council of San Francisco—one that would inspire the community to connect, support, and learn more.

We helped Children’s Council develop a powerful, simple new tagline: “Because child care matters.” This tagline sends a clear message to the community: whether or not you’re a mother, father, or child care provider, child care is worthy of your attention and support.

Like the new tagline, Children’s Council of San Francisco’s new logo captures the organization’s positioning as a trustworthy expert and caring partner. The typography is as approachable as it is steadfast, and the warm color palette balances a sense of professionalism with one of playfulness.

The organization’s new tagline is depicted in an arresting red, and its name is expressed in a reassuring blue. We developed a unique abstract mark that captures Children’s Council’s unique role as the connector between four key audiences: families, child care providers, government agencies, and the greater San Francisco community. This multicolored mark seems to be jumping, flying, and blooming; it expresses a sense of vitality and movement that captures the positive growth that quality child care generates in the lives of children, parents, and all San Franciscans.

How could Children’s Council of San Francisco’s immediately activate and amplify its new voice and look? First, we went online. Mission Minded designed and developed a new website for the organization that powerfully conveys the organization’s positioning, value, and vision. The user experience mirrors that which Children’s Council has offered to families and child care professionals for decades: an educational, reassuring, and inspiring connection. Then, Children’s Council took its new brand public. The organization transformed its offices inside and out to match its vibrant and warm new look, and then held a public event to celebrate the launch of its new tagline, logo, and website. Online and in person, Children’s Council of San Francisco is now sending the visual and written messages that mirror the personality of an organization that is a dynamic, relevant, and compassionate champion for San Francisco’s families.

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