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Emotions Matter

Science has proved that emotions matter to our health, happiness, and performance. This knowledge drives the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, which advances the research and practice of emotional learning in schools, businesses, and beyond. As a new organization founded by the very researchers who pioneered the field, the Yale Center needed to establish a brand that mirrored the expertise of its team, the scientific foundation of its work, and the warm compassion of its vision.

A new name effectively leverages both the prestige of Yale and the term Emotional Intelligence, conferring credibility on the Center and those who engage with it.

As a trusted authority and passionate pioneer in a noble and necessary field we focused on bringing forth the dynamism of the work and the organization, emphasizing the big results being achieved. Emotions matter, and so does the credibility that will draw more school districts and policymakers toward the work.

We developed tools to help the Center communicate its goals, its value and its impact to stakeholders as varied as major foundations, individual donors and school district administrators.

The completed visual identity came alive across a suite of communication tools including a new website design that worked within the existing Yale identity standards.

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