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Create a Better Experience of Aging

By connecting older San Franciscans to the community, expertise, and programing they need to continue living lives of purpose and promise, San Francisco Village lives out their dedication to “creating a positive prototype for aging.” Connecting this vibrant community depends on creating vital online connections, as well. The digital strategy not only focuses on an easy to navigate website, but also thoughtful ways of engaging new members.

The website developed for San Francisco Village sparks action and immediately invites San Francisco’s older adult community to engage with one another.

An integrated digital campaign utilized Facebook, Google, email, and blogs to drive traffic to the San Francisco Village site. Membership inquiries spiked 197% as a result of the campaign.

Research into health clubs like Orange Theory and 24 Hour Fitness provided insights into how to immediately invite in new members and drove the strategy behind the information architecture and web design. Bringing events front and center shows the vitality of the community.

Intergenerational photography features action, captures vibrant expressions, shares details of compassionate actions, and engages in the moment.

Targeted email drove traffic to blog content on the site. Open and click-through rates were 200–300% above the industry average. Being strategic about channels was a significant factor in the success of the campaign.

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