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Intellect + Imagination

San Francisco Day School has remained true to the founders’ mission of educating its students according to the highest standards of academic and creative excellence. But rather than seeing these two pillars—academics and creativity—as equally important, they see them as integrally linked. Broadcasting that San Francisco Day School is “Where intellect and imagination intertwine” ensures they are understood by like-minded and right-fit families.

A balance of honoring history and boldly moving forward, this logo emphasizes that the school is in and of San Francisco and that families are committed to raising their children in the city. The overlapping buildings in the skyline reflect connectedness and coming together to create a whole, while the geometric shapes represent the building blocks of youth and the fundamental ideas at the core of even complex challenges.

Custom-illustrated icons represent the SF Day curriculum. The combined elements highlight the varied nature of what students learn and the many ways intellect and imagination intertwine.

Photography supplements the other graphic elements of this visual identity. Photos intentionally capture the “doing” of hands-on work and creative exploration. A window into SF Day, photography shows people what makes the school—and the community—unique.

Unexpected formats (shown here in the campaign Case for Support brochure) are a physical representation of intertwining creativity into all facets of the school.

The work is a moving, uplifting expression of our school’s mission and vision for the future!

Michelle Phillips as Director of Communications, San Francisco Day School

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