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AIDS Ends Here

The fight against HIV and AIDS has not been won, but it can be. San Francisco AIDS Foundation finds itself at the intersection of the perfect time and the perfect place to act. With the ability to provide holistic health services to patients and get more people into treatment, the Foundation is poised to bring an end to new HIV transmissions in San Francisco—to be the place where AIDS ends first.

Beginning with the creation of the 2009 Annual Report, and following the adoption of a bold new strategic plan, brand messaging brought to life the daring organization’s forward-thinking, exciting, and inspiring message: evolving the story from crisis to optimism.

Evolving from a visual identity that was stark and alarming with its use of yellow, black, and white, the 2009 Annual Report introduced a new San Francisco AIDS Foundation, an organization that confidently embraced a hopeful spectrum. Vibrant colors embraced and reinvented the rainbow of LGBT pride.

The vibrant color palette redefined San Francisco AIDS Foundation, coming to life in the organization’s public office space and marketing materials. Mobile community outreach and testing vehicle take the message of hope out on to the streets.

Animated motion graphics tell the story of a bold new approach, quickly inviting donors to participate in a revolution of care that can end the spread of HIV once and for all.

Through successive years of annual reports, the story continues to evolve with each new visual expression remaining true to core strategy of communicating optimism, hope, and community.

The theme of San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s capital campaign “We’re Here” is layered with meaning. Of course, it brings to mind the 1990s slogan, “We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it!” and invites those who lived this mantra to rejoin the community’s efforts. It also introduces new meanings. It is a demand to be seen and heard—“Our fight has not ended. We are still here.” And it is a nod to the unique geographical location of the new health and wellness facility. We’re here—in San Francisco, in the Castro, at the health and wellness center. It poses the challenge, “We’re here. Are you?”

Four different covers represent the diverse community of gay men in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, home to the health and wellness facility. By giving voice to everyone, it allows more donors to see themselves as a part of the Campaign.

The Campaign features original portraits commissioned from queer photographer Jamil Hellu. While HIV impacts everyone in the world, this campaign targets those who identify as gay, bi, and trans—people who are most directly impacted by the new center and the target donor audience who may be suffering from giving fatigue after 30 years.

The health and wellness center is open for business thanks to the diverse, generous donors to the Campaign for Health & Wellness, which made its public debut in 2015. At press time, the Campaign had raised a staggering $13.8 million of its $15 million goal.

An unwavering commitment to getting it right, not just getting it done.

James Loduca as Vice President, Marketing & Communications, San Francisco AIDS Foundation

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