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Yield Your Best

Redefining itself as a mission-driven member organization, The Enrollment Management Association has shifted its focus from transactions to relationships, from sales to service, and from profit to purpose in order to be understood for its true value: providing the industry expertise and personalized support to “Yield Your Best.” These brand elements make clear that The Enrollment Management Association enables members to be more successful.

The name makes clear that this is a membership organization serving enrollment professionals. The logo includes a plus sign that conveys the added value that every school and every school professional can expect when partnering with The Enrollment Management Association.

The system of icons emphasizes a focus on using the best research and science to support enrollment leaders. The modern, clean lines of the icons also signify leadership in supporting all schools as they plan for the future of sustaining their school missions. At the same time, the approachable and friendly style of the drawings ensures that members see the organization as accessible and ready to engage.

The heart of this brand shines through photography. By showcasing members as individuals, photos emphasize that the organization is first and foremost an association focused on serving members’ needs and goals.

The cool tones highlight integrity, innovation, and trustworthiness. The warmth of the orange emphasizes the “heart” of the brand promise: service, care, and support.

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