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Rewrite the Rules

The University of British Columbia Faculty of Applied Science set an ambitious $250M capital campaign goal: to build a groundbreaking living laboratory—Applied One—that extends their rich history of interdisciplinary work by bringing several of their schools under one roof.

But the campaign was about more than a building—they were raising money for what the building will do for the future of humanity. Though their donor types are varied, we helped the Faculty develop a campaign strategy to inspire and unite them with a single vision of what’s possible when you rewrite the rules of applied science.

View the Campaign Microsite

Applied One hosts a new model of education. Engineers, architects, and planners collaborate with community members and industry leaders to solve the world’s most massive, complex, and wicked problems. The strategic positioning we developed was pivotal in uniting UBC’s audiences, exciting them about working together towards a bold, optimistic future.

This bold and visionary strategy came alive throughout the communication tools. Handwritten typeface and photos accentuate the collaborative nature of the campaign. A powerful hero image reinforces the campaign’s dynamism and pivotal nature on the microsite.

It has been an incredible journey and the Mission Minded team has been outstanding to work with on this project.

Valerie Martin as Director of Development and Communications, The University of British Columbia

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