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Inform Systems. Transform Lives.

Evident Change is a nonprofit that uses data and research to improve our social systems. They believe that systems should help people achieve their greatest potential, not create barriers to their success. Because by joining forces with those who work in our systems and the people they serve, our systems—and our society—become more equitable from the inside out.

Although they had a solid reputation as one of the longest standing institutions dedicated to analyzing and improving our complex social systems, they weren’t fully understood for the greater impact of their work. After a rigorous brand strategy process, a name change, and powerful language and visuals, the brand now reflects a visionary and transformative nature of their work.

A new name acknowledges their rigorous approach to evidence-based research and commitment to meaningful and sustainable change. Their logotype aligns and creates a connection of the E’s in the two words, signaling their commitment to joining forces and collaboration.

Three questions guide the expression of the Evident Change Brand: Does it reflect joining forces? Does it represent thought leadership? Does it express powering change?

Visual elements build upon each other to tell a bigger story to signify forces joining. The convergence of cool colors and upper-case typography represent thought leadership. The warm colors and positive images bring warmth and emotion to this very data-driven brand, signaling change and hope.

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