Leadership Coaching

Heart-Centered Leadership Coaching That Moves You Forward

People like you who work to make our world better often feel burned out, disconnected from your values, or wonder what’s next. It’s also common to feel unfulfilled (and possibly a little guilty about that) despite looking like you have it all. You’re not alone.

I coach positive, optimistic people who want more from life and work. It’s closer than you think. And when you get it, you’ll be happier than you thought.

What’s Possible for You:

  • Become a more effective team member or leader 
  • Overcome overwhelm and imposter syndrome 
  • Renew enthusiasm for your job or determine your next career move
  • Launch your own business or solopreneurship
  • Slay the inner saboteurs creating all your negative emotions
  • Create more peace and balance in your life

About Your Leadership Coach

Jennie Winton,
Founding Partner and Leadership Coach

As the co-founder of a highly successful strategy and creative agency for nonprofits, foundations, colleges, and independent schools, I understand how draining it can be to serve so many stakeholders simultaneously, how important it is to live in alignment with your values, and to know you’re really (truly!) making a difference.

And as a working parent, I know how hard it can be to serve a cause, your family, and yourself while staying sane and healthy. So each year I coach a limited number of leaders who want to amplify their impact, to get them focused—and fired up—for something better. I did it, and so can you.

Every session is like a miracle. Thank you so much!

Rachel, as Solopreneur

Our work together has been transformational for me, and I am so grateful for it. Coaching has given me the confidence to go after opportunities and pursue them with confidence. Thank you for all that you have taught me. This was absolutely a worthwhile investment!

Tara, as Independent School Professional

The work of a Head of School is isolating and lonely in many ways; coaching with Jennie has provided me with a judgement-free setting of unambiguous support, and has strengthened my leadership. She creates space for me to think creatively, courageously, and compassionately.

Anna, as Head of an independent K-12 school

It’s remarkable how many big and powerful shifts you helped me make in a short amount of time. And I really felt like you were in it with me, always on my side.

Kris, as Executive Director at a national educational equity organization

Your coaching has been so helpful to the staff and leaders you’ve worked with — thank you. They can’t say enough positive things about you!

Janis, as Director of Leadership and Staff Development at national nonprofit

Thank you for coaching me. You are a builder and you treat clients with so much respect. I walk around feeling calmer, lighter, and happier.

Jennifer, as CEO of a regional nonprofit