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Blue Shield of California Foundation design example

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Further Forward

Blue Shield of California Foundation is considered one of the top health-focused foundations in California. And stakeholders were ready for the Foundation to own its position as a leader in the field. The Foundation’s brand, centered around their brand promise—Further Forward—embraces and broadcasts their spirit of exploration and smart risk-taking.

Originating in the identity of Blue Shield, the color palette brings in red to add warmth and humanity, and purple to reflect the Foundation’s relationship with its grantee partners. A spectrum of colors, the palette is grounded in their role as leaders in the field.

The video focuses on values. It’s a call to potential partners around the state that the Foundation needs their collaboration to improve the lives of all Californians.

Banners show confidence in their work, values, and approach. They are used as a graphic tool to bring values forward and are at the forefront of their communications.

Squares symbolize the building blocks of their work. Photography shows real people across the health spectrum doing a range of activities, reinforcing the Foundation's commitment to serving all Californians.

Distressed iconography and handwritten typography are rooted in human elements. They represent authenticity and honesty and speak to the heart and rigor of their work. Having things appear sketched out in a brainstorming fashion reflects the Foundation’s collaborative and adaptable personality.

The most surprising thing about the rebrand has been how it has impacted every aspect of our work here at the foundation.

Christine Maulhardt as Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Blue Shield of California Foundation

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