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Where the Student Spirit Thrives

Crystal Springs Uplands School is unabashedly intellectual, but not at the expense of a student’s spirit. It is a school for the student who loves to learn and is always ready to try something new.

Across the arc of a seven year experience, students seize the opportunity to flourish, discovering their passions and exploring new experiences.

With one community across two campuses, Crystal marries academics with exuberance, creating an environment where students can Live, Learn, and Thrive.

The energy and vitality of the learning environment comes to life every day at Crystal. First person narrative gives voice to the student experience, reinforcing the explosive intellectual and personal growth the school fosters.

A split-page book format illustrates the integrated community of the entire seven-year journey across two campuses. At the same time, mix-and-match panels suggest Crystal’s greatest strength: its academic excellence balanced with joy of learning, connections, and community that benefits each and every student.

“If those walls could talk…” At Crystal, the walls speak volumes about the magic that unfolds on campus every day. Balance, humility, kindness, and inclusion are the bricks and mortar of the school. A large-scale environmental graphic displays the school’s core values front and center.

A video triptych format brings the many facets of the Crystal Springs Uplands School experience to life. The screen comes alive in three sections, each playing different footage simultaneously. This is true to the school’s commitment to balance. Live, Learn, and Thrive coexist; and that harmony sustains the student and the school.

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