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A Culture of Philanthropy

With a well-established culture of philanthropy, Crystal Springs Uplands School must reach and engage new families with the school’s tradition of giving. A new campaign video deeply connects these new families to the results of giving, encouraging them to become wholly engaged in the giving community. Crystal parents feel that their involvement is integral to the school and the community and that their gift will mean that students—including their own child—will be known, challenged, and championed, and have opportunities they will never find at other schools.

A handful of “in-the-know” and relatable Crystal parents talk directly to camera, as if confiding in a friend. Each presents intimate, cordial conversations to highlight the return on investing in Crystal. The video retains a sense of authenticity, aligns with the school’s history and academic excellence, and confidently highlights the generosity of spirit that enables growth, diversity, and community at Crystal. Watch the video.

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