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From Strength to Greatness

Imagine a world where everyone has a learning profile. “What’s yours?” becomes as standard a question as “What’s your favorite movie? Sports team? Music?”

That’s the bar Sterne School set for itself in its strategic plan. This 4th–12th grade school in San Francisco’s Chinatown is emboldened with the blueprint needed to remove the stigma from the many ways students learn.

Over 40 years since its founding as a school serving students with learning disabilities, it was time for Sterne to chart a new course. Understanding of learning styles has evolved, and with Stern’s well-documented track record of success in remediating learning challenges across all grade levels, a crisp strategic plan gives way to an exciting vision and call to arms for the community.

To get there, Sterne grappled with all the questions, both inside and outside their community, that shaped how they see their role in the future of strengths-based education. Clearly articulated strategic priorities allow every member of the Sterne community to move forward toward realizing their mission and vision, all while staying true to the authentic, loving experience that is a Sterne education. Or, as their mission states, “To build on the foundation of individual strengths to discover and nurture each student’s version of greatness.”

Working with Mission Minded is a very positive experience. Their level of expertise. Their ability to push us. Their ability to challenge us. And, at the end of the day, their partnership with us to create the strategic plan that we need.

Ed McManis as Head of School, Sterne School

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