Curtis School

“Always Begin with the Child” emerged as Curtis School’s guiding mantra, shaping every decision, lesson, and policy to prioritize students’ well-being and growth.

We Don’t Waste

We partnered with We Don’t Waste to articulate an inspiring vision for their future, “Food goes to people, not landfills, and is accessible to all.”

Severn School

Collaborating with Mission Minded, Severn School embarked on a transformative journey to amplify its impact and redefine leadership paradigms.

Marin Country Day School

MCDS embarked on a transformative journey outlined in its strategic plan. This journey involved removing barriers that hindered students from engaging as change agents and instilling in them the values of environmental stewardship, global citizenship, self-advocacy, and social justice.

Bay Area Discovery Museum

In partnership with the board and staff we helped the museum articulate the world they imagine; one in which every child grows and thrives through joyful play.

Are You Ready to Lead the Bold Change You Asked For?

Many paths lead nonprofit and school leaders to undertake big strategic and creative work. Sometimes it’s a capital campaign, other times it’s in response to enrollment trends, or just that it’s “time” to do a new strategic plan. But the most exciting opportunities are the ones where organization leaders see a refreshed brand, visionary strategic

Unstick Your Trustees From Micromanagement Mode

The crisis of COVID-19 has faded, but many schools’ boards of directors are stuck in a cycle of micromanagement. The pandemic’s challenges necessitated a temporary shift of the board’s role from oversight to hands-on management — a response crucial given the circumstances. But now, some of those same board members’ time and energy remains misdirected

6 Challenges Your Nonprofit Can Expect in 2024

With global and financial turmoil, a national election, and the rise of artificial intelligence and other technologies, we anticipate 2024 will pose new challenges for your nonprofit. Here are six to expect, along with our recommendations for how to address them in the year ahead. 1. Your core values will be tested. In 2024, as

Hazards Ahead: How to Help Your School Succeed in 2024

At Mission Minded, we partner with independent schools of all kinds and sizes across the country to boldly elevate their reach and impact. And we’re seeing some trends. With our focus on strategic plans that set bold intentions for a school community + messaging, brand, admissions, and capital campaigns that inspire families, we see themes