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Envision Our Future

At Curtis School, everything starts and ends with their mission: To develop, in every child, a sound mind in a sound body, governed by a compassionate heart.

To fulfill this well-rounded mission, Curtis School embraced a strategic plan rooted in the commitments to four learning outcomes for their students, articulated in terms of literacies. These intertwined learning outcomes ensure that success in one will create success in others as Curtis School strives to realize their envisioned future.

Curtis School’s strategic plan comes to life in a brochure that visually reinforces the structure and collaboration of their work over the culmination of a year. The grouping of four graphic circles expresses this foundational pursuit in an approachable, friendly way.

The four learning outcomes, or literacies, are represented by the four circles. Specific colors and unique illustrations establish a way-finding system to differentiate between the strategic priorities of each literacy, but which, ultimately, all come together to form the basis of Curtis School’s strategic plan.

The strategic plan microsite implements the same visual language in order to share consistent and impactful information across various platforms. The way-finding graphics and colors are reinforced for each of the four learning outcomes.

Featuring the same visual language developed for the strategic plan, Curtis School’s video showcases their beautiful campus, community, and students engaged and interacting within the context of the four literacies. Watch the video.

Curtis School embarked on the next 20-years of its campus master plan with their “innovation center” initiative. We partnered with them to name the center–Collaborative Learning and Innovation Center—setting the stage for the school’s journey toward redefining elementary education. Our collaboration led to the “Think Forward “campaign theme that was rooted in Curtis School’s innovative ethos and strategic brand strategy. The theme not only highlights the center, but also sets the stage for future innovative initiatives.

Mission Minded has been a great thought partner with me and Curtis through our strategic plan process and I’d recommend them to anyone needing a strategic plan.

Dr. Meera Ratnesar as Head of School , Curtis School

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