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People. Planet. Purpose

When Hazon and the Pearlstone Center merged to become one organization, the Jewish environmental movement gained a powerful new leader. But as a newly-merged organization, they had to bring a plethora of programs and locations under a single cohesive banner.

Mission Minded partnered with them to intentionally build a whole new reputation, combining the best from each entity into a stronger, clearer brand under a new name: Adamah.

We collaborated with the now-expanded team to come to alignment around who Adamah would be, and then created the brand signals—including a new name, tagline, key messages, and website—that invite their broad audience to cultivate connections between Jewish life and sustainability. 

Adamah weaves sustainability into the fabric of Jewish life. The Hebrew word “adamah,” meaning ground or Earth, contains within it the word “adam,” meaning person — a symbolic reflection of the intertwining of people and planet. Their tagline “People. Planet. Purpose.” translates this mission in a clear, concise way.

We helped activate their new unified brand and messages in a new website. The web architecture clearly presents the breadth of their programs—strengthening their position as the largest Jewish environmental organization in the world—in a user-friendly package. It balances the invitation for mission fullfilment, awareness, fundraising, and managing retreat site rentals.

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