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Into Action

Mount Tamalpais School was founded in 1976 with the belief that elementary education should not be something a student passively receives—learning should be a shared and active responsibility of the teacher and the student.

And yet, with all that’s been learned in the 21st century, especially during recent years, the Mount Tamalpais community felt education needed to do more. They saw an opportunity—and felt the responsibility—to broaden their definition of a learned person from one who is an “active learner” to one who knows how to put what they learn into action.

Vision: We imagine a world where education inspires action.

Buoyed by a new vision, Mount Tamalpais School commits that every graduate will emerge with the skills they need to positively impact their communities and their world. Their plan provides a comprehensive framework to guide the program, professional development, facilities, and community in bringing these habits to life in every student.



Through an inclusive strategic planning process, Mount Tamalpais resolved to instill in their students the “MTS Habits of Excellence” so they can solve the complex problems of their changing world.

It was really exciting to trust in Mission Minded and go with a plan that didn’t have the more traditional buckets. The end result still hits upon all the important elements, but it also has its own compelling story that puts students at the center.

Andrew Davis as Head of School, Mount Tamalpais School

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