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Mission Minded is a branding firm that works with nonprofits, foundations, schools, colleges and universities.


When it comes to your next brand, strategic plan, or capital campaign, the process is just as important as the results. You need a partner that can be by your side as you engage your staff, board, and stakeholders in an inclusive process of discovery and decision-making. Your measure of success today is how widely your brand, strategic plan, or any other communication strategy can open doors to your organization tomorrow.

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When your foundation’s brand is admired and understood, your impact is amplified well beyond the value of your grantmaking. Whether you’re a private family foundation, health conversion foundation, or community foundation, your strong brand positively impacts your issue areas, attracts other funders, and shifts public policy toward your priorities.

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Your school is unique, but demonstrating that to prospective parents and mission-fit families isn’t always easy. If you know what makes your school special, but struggle to describe it in a succinct way, we can help. We’ve worked with schools of every shape and size to help them find and showcase their unique brands in an authentic and meaningful way.

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Colleges & Universities

In a time of declining enrollment, we can help you invite in. Distinguish your institution from the rest and attract mission-fit students and faculty with branding that centers inclusivity and engagement.

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Your members don’t engage with you because of your list of programs—they engage when they see themselves as part of something bigger. Shape your sector with a brand and strategic plan that leads to enthusiastic renewal and deeper participation.

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