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Starting Smart and Strong.

Starting Smart and Strong is a shared long-term commitment that every child grows up healthy and ready for kindergarten.

Funded by the Packard Foundation, and made possible by partnerships throughout California, Starting Smart and Strong empowers adults in Fresno, San Jose, and Oakland to create healthy, nurturing, and engaging connections with children so they are on track to reach their full potential in school and in life.

An evergreen video serves as a powerful tool to communicate the goals and importance of the Starting Smart and Strong initiative to parents.

Digital tactics are posted in multiple languages to reach more families efficiently, effectively, and in a way that feels relatable and actionable to them.

School specific digital platforms are leveraged to establish a voice on highly-trafficked, credible resources across the web.

Caregivers are engaged on their social media platform of choice through clear, consistent messaging.

Parents are reminded about the importance of finding a program that will give their child the best start possible.

Educating parents, providing them with resources, and creating opportunities for them to learn more allows an open dialogue with key audiences.

More parents are aware of the importance of early learning and are actively seeking the best fit placement for their child. Educators within these communities have built capacity and continue to strengthen their ability to ensure more children grow up healthy and ready for kindergarten.

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