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Ready to Learn

When LIFT Instruction for Texas merged with the Aberg Center for Literacy, the new organization not only had an opportunity to capitalize on the prior successes of the two predecessors, but to also redefine the value of what they do.

Aspire fulfills the promise of learning for individual students, their families, and communities at large. More than a literacy program, Aspire is a gateway to a better life.

With the merger of two organizations, and a unique space in their surrounding competitive landscape, Aspire has the opportunity to uniquely “own” one clear place in the minds of students, donors, and civic leaders. The logo represents this. The abstraction of the butterfly taking flight shows how learning lifts up and encourages hope for the future.

Three questions guide the expression of the Aspire brand: Does it inspire forward movement? Does it uplift and support audiences? Does it meet people where they are?

Aspire believes learning turns obstacles into opportunities and walks alongside its students as they make the brave decision to change their lives. From learning English or earning a GED, to balancing a family bank account or preparing for careers, its students face challenges with confidence.

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