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For the Greater Glory

To meet the daunting challenge of raising $60 million for Georgetown Prep’s capital campaign—the largest in the school’s history—the school needed to draw transformative gifts not only from its existing pool of donors, but also from those who had never given before.

The campaign theme, “For the greater glory” speaks to the school’s storied history, the promise of the future, and the school’s dedication to its Jesuit values.

Expressive photography and typography captures the gravitas of the 200-year-old institution, while also giving a heroic voice for those who will ensure its future.

Sepia-toned images and quotations from alumni from different classes connect past with present, reinforcing that brotherhood extends through the ages. Data highlights both the generosity of the school’s scholarship program, while also highlighting that the school’s endowment lags far behind other U.S. boarding schools.

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