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Joyful Play

Bay Area Discovery Museum is beloved for creating a world of wonder for children and families to explore. But as magical as the museum is, they felt they could do more to speak to the systemic educational inequity in their communities, where children of families of color and families with low-income are not afforded the same opportunities in early educational experiences as their white or more affluent counterparts.

Vision: We imagine a world where every child grows and thrives through thoughtful play.

We collaborated with staff, board members, and key stakeholders to develop a bold and inclusive vision that set the tone for their strategic plan and integrated brand strategy by swinging the doors of the museum open to the entire Bay Area population, both literally and figuratively.

The 5-year strategic commitments we helped the museum powerfully articulate guide them to be an inspiring early childhood education partner—one that addresses the needs facing families with young children, extends joyful play experiences into schools, and builds a child-centric community that nurtures future generations for the betterment of all.

I love how your approach not only involves the board in creating the strategic plan, but in delivering on it. This was a great outcome, and everyone feels really inspired about our work’s increased impact on the children of our broader community.

Kelly McKinley as Chief Executive Officer, Bay Area Discovery Museum

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