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Take your seat at the table

A Marlborough education shifts the gender balance, modeling a society in which women not only have a place at the table, but the power to change the world.

The faculty at Marlborough skillfully support each student on her unique journey, nurturing her growth as a scholar and a leader, and motivating her to discover and pursue her personal potential.

Marlborough’s confident graduates break the mold and shatter stereotypes, as does the brand that represents a school that is simultaneously an established presence and a bright, bold reach to the future.

The strong sense of self young women develop at Marlborough radiates through the brand, and like the young women who graduate from Marlborough, leaves a positive and lasting impact.

Marlborough isn’t afraid to confidently claim its identity and purpose, even going so far as to drop “school” from the logo, the message being: Marlborough—established, credible, and recognized—stands on its own, much like our students and alumnae.

The two typefaces used in Marlborough’s visual identity represent the full range of the school’s personality: from respected and confident to spirited, relatable, and proudly feminist.

Marlborough’s authentic voice brings students to the forefront of school communications (and the world!)

Photography highlights personal expression, supportive relationships, and confidence in one’s self.

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