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About Us

Mission Minded is a strategy and creative firm that helps good causes have greater impact.

We believe the organizations that make our world better need to be unapologetically bold.

Every day, we ask “what if?” — unlocking new ways to fire up your supporters.

Because when your community is united by magnetic ideas, they’ll stop at nothing to help you achieve extraordinary results.

The Challenge

Your nonprofit, foundation, school, or university needs a partner who understands your unique challenges.

And to be truly successful you need extraordinary strategy and creative that looks, sounds, and feels different from the rest. That can only happen with a partner committed to helping you push past incremental change into your organization’s next version of greatness. But there are so many cookie-cutter approaches out there.

At Mission Minded, we embrace audacious ideas that disrupt complacency and get results, because we know that you will most inspire your audiences by being bold and resolute.

How We Help

When your community truly understands your why — the impact and value unique to your mission — you unlock endless possibilities for your future.

Mission Minded leads you with an inclusivity mindset so that – together – we’ll uncover the big, bold ideas that you and your stakeholders can rally behind, setting your organization up for its next level of impact.