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About Us

Mission Minded is a branding firm that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations.

We believe that a brand that sets you apart is essential to a nonprofit’s success. Every day we guide nonprofits to uncover the big, bold idea that will attract more people to their work. Because in today’s world, a worthy mission is not enough. You’ve got to communicate what makes you unique at every opportunity.

Your nonprofit organization faces unique challenges when it comes to branding. And these days, everyone seems to be a brand expert. Yet so few really understand our sector, what brand really means for nonprofits, and that how you devise your brand strategy is as important as the result.

We understand that you need a partner who can walk alongside you through the entire brand journey—a partner who knows how to interview a major donor, how to facilitate a meeting with your board, who can listen carefully to the needs of your staff, while also crafting the strategy and creative to elevate your organization.

We also feel your pain (because we’ve been there too, as founders, staff members, board members, donors, service recipients, and volunteers). We know that some members of your team will say that brand is a frivolous pursuit. Or that the work of your organization is too complex to summarize succinctly. They might resist being scripted to a set of talking points.
We founded Mission Minded in 2002 to address these challenges. Because the path is just as important as the destination. We created a process that listens carefully to the voices of your stakeholders and brings them together to achieve something greater.

Our brand promise is “Amplify the Good.” For us, this means three things: that we exist to help good causes have their voices be heard; that we focus on the positive; and that we recognize good ideas and always work to make them better.

Talk to our clients, and you’ll hear that we bring our brand promise to life every day. We bring the expertise to help you achieve greater recognition so you have greater impact in the world.