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The Best Place to Become the Best You.

At Brookwood, kids come first—not parents, not facilities, not the test. We know how kids learn best. So, every day we ignite the passion and expertise of our teachers to ensure kids enjoy being kids, while growing into their best selves intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Because when kids skip down hallways and push their personal boundaries, they confidently walk into whatever’s next.

The challenge: how to convey that Brookwood is the North Shore of Boston’s trailblazer for best practices in teaching and learning.

The blue heron, an indigenous bird on the Brookwood campus, has the ability to thrive in many environments—on land, in water, and in the air. It is a beautiful metaphor for the excellence of the Brookwood experience and how they nurture and challenge the intellectual, social-emotional, and physical development of their students.

Messages and stories reinforce the uniqueness of Brookwood’s approach and its focus on innovation, ethics, and citizenship.

Bold, saturated colors convey vibrancy, warmth, and curiosity of children, grounded with the signature green. The icon style captures a creative and welcoming spirit.

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