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Be the One

Drew School—a high school in San Francisco—adapts to students rather than asking students to adapt to the school. Drew’s brand is about “being the one” school that provides the environment for teenagers to discover who they are and who they might become. Owning and embracing this brand allows Drew to rise to the top of their own category in a crowded competitive landscape.

Drew School believes in teenagers—their ideas, their dreams, their opinions, and their potential. So their admissions video puts the spotlight on the student, allowing the viewer to see their daily lives and hear directly from them what makes Drew unique.

Diversity of typography represents different points of view and exploring unique, individual paths.

Portrait photography focuses on individuals surrounded by a supportive community, which sends powerful signals about what families can expect of the Drew experience. Photos showing visibly comfortable students reflect an environment where students are free to be themselves.

The earthy and joyful color palette reinforces Drew as an urban oasis in the middle of San Francisco that values confidence, balance, and happiness.

Following its rebranding and admissions campaign, Drew had the most successful admissions season in its history—so much so that they had to add room in their incoming 9th grade class.

I now understand rebranding to be an essential process of communicating and clarifying what the school’s brand experience is.

David Frankenberg as Head of School, Drew School

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