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Fund Justice. Change the World.

California ChangeLawyers is a statewide foundation that empowers the next generation of lawyers, judges, and activists to create a more diverse legal profession. They need a brand that broadcasts their belief that lawyers are the most powerful and impactful changemakers in creating a more just society.

California ChangeLawyers uses its voice to make the state stronger. The speech bubble, striking name, attention-grabbing yellow, bold typography, and direct tagline all work together to establish the identity of an organization that gives voice to those who might otherwise be unheard.

The quote box and bold typography show the fearless nature of an organization that uses its voice to effect change.

Vibrant colors provide emphasis and impact as key words jump from the page. The design shows how many different voices can come together to make a unified call for equity and justice.

Real-life changelawyers take center stage in this video. The striking, industrial warehouse backdrop brings grit and authenticity, while the sunlit windows represent optimism and opportunity.

This second video for California ChangeLawyers makes the case for becoming a prosecutor. The animation helps make the individuals who are featured more accessible, and the language directly addresses the need to recruit a more diverse field. Together with stories of discrimination, the piece powerfully recruits the next generation of ChangeLawyers.

We are blown over by the difference we’re already seeing with Mission Minded’s guidance.

Catelyn Spencer as Development Officer, California ChangeLawyers

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