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Think of It This Way

The direction in which our fractured and complex world goes depends wholly on which perspectives we open to and which questions we’re smart enough to ask. That’s why the Stanford Humanities Center, through its Think of It This Way campaign, provides preeminent and budding humanities experts with the time and space they need to understand, connect, and delve into the questions that drive and define us all — on behalf of us all.

The inverted words of the campaign’s logo provoke our questions and force us into new realms of understanding. Discovering who we have been and imagining who we might become requires this expanded perspective. These words, set atop a radiant gradient of gold and red, subtly frame the humanities within the glow of personal interaction.

Inquiry’s importance to both the humanities and to our future can be seen springing to life in the form of pressing questions. Via this call and response, donors recall how much the humanities matter and move towards enlightenment. The text set at different angles sparks curiosity — much like that of Stanford Humanities Center scholars.

There isn’t one right way to consider the world; there are many. Overlapping geometric shapes reflect how different ideas come together. Seen from close in, it’s all motion and heft, yet with the perspective afforded by space and time, we recognize these as symbols of timeless meaning.

Asking questions is the start; working towards answers must follow. This format inspires donors to respond actively. Heeding the call to “Reawaken Humanity” takes you directly to an online support and donation page.

It is about who we all are. In a campaign video, conversations with Stanford Humanities Center scholars personalize the empathy, humility, self-awareness, and encompassing perspectives that prove essential for leaders in every field.

Mission Minded is so impressive! They get how we’re different and why we matter and how to help us talk about it.

Andrea Davies as Associate Director, Stanford Humanities Center

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