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Dream. See. Do.

Summer Search believes the world is better off when everyone can discover their purpose. Yet, for too many bright young people, obstacles block their search. Every day the organization connects students to expansive opportunities, showing them that they possess not just the talent, but also the inner strength to carve their place in the world.

In the crowded world of scholarship and college prep, Summer Search was seen as “yet another college access program.” Through clear language and stunning visuals the brand is now known as the organization that nurtures self-discovery to activate the powerful agency of young people.

Three questions guide the expression of the Summer Search Brand: Does this feel unstoppable? Is it told from the student perspective? Does it celebrate diverse destinations and results?

From print to web the Summer Search brand models the same commitment that their students show every day. Summer Search students own their own journey, and the student perspective—that they are unstoppable—boldly comes through as students discover the power and courage inside.

Graphic photography, artwork, and visual surprises appear in the winged avatar to convey individuality, vibrancy, and variety. The sky is the limit on what can be embedded into the avatar to show creativity, flexibility, energy and the unexpected. Color details and abstract shapes strike balance and bring heart to heavier content.

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