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Step Into Your Power

Chatham Hall celebrates each individual student. By prioritizing time and space for friendships and experiences, this boarding school in southern Virginia yields bold, confident graduates who impact the world.

But their remote location, with all its benefits, had become a branding challenge—they were perceived as the place for shy, less-motivated students.

Our collaboration on brand, visual identity, and an admissions campaign provided Chatham new ways to clearly communicate their powerful outcomes to prospective families, embodying in their messaging what they make possible for students—at Chatham Hall, you can feel unstoppable.

The Chatham Hall logo honors tradition in a courageous and forward-looking way. It reflects the legacy of their shield and colors, and expresses their courageous, compassionate, and dynamic brand personality.

With their admission’s theme “Step Into Your Power,” Chatham Hall stepped into theirs. Not only does their tagline express what’s unique about Chatham’s educational philosophy—it also serves as a rallying cry for the entire community. The variety of typography creates a sense of energy and movement, with bold fonts that convey the courage and power students feel at Chatham.

Taking inspiration from their admissions viewbook, Chatham Hall’s interactive search piece captures the attention of future students and their families. Turning the wheel shows the verbs step, jump, and play, demonstrating the different ways a student can engage with their power at Chatham Hall.

Chatham Hall’s admission video moves from passive to active. With slow movements, current students share how they felt shy and timid before. The visuals shift to faster cuts, showing engaged students in action as they express how they feel unstoppable at Chatham. Watch the video.

Like the viewbook, the floods of color and the patch-like pattern on the website express the inclusivity and diversity of Chatham Hall’s community. The photography captures different points of view, perspectives, and scale, showcasing the community in action and demonstrating how they ignite the light for others.

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