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Make Potential Exponential

Most folks think the public education system can’t  be changed—but connectEd has been changing it. The organization links arms with educators to dismantle the status quo so that students become more inspired and better equipped to succeed in college and career. With each partnership, they make what once seemed impossible, possible.

Changing perceptions is an essential part of their work, including how they themselves are perceived. Whereas once they were seen as simply improving college and career opportunities. Today they are known as innovators of equitable and sustainable education reform.

“ED” is exponentially risen to reflect how connectED makes potential exponential. The superscripting also conveys how the brand elevates education.

Three questions guide the expression of the connectEd brand: Does this evoke learning continuously? Does this celebrate partnerships? Is this empowering?

How do many disparate audiences—students, teachers, college, and business—all come together in the same site? The education world is already siloed enough. Instead, the connectEd site brings users together through shared needs and questions.

Navigation moves and expands to reveal information as you explore. Just as in real life, you’re continuously learning as information is revealed.

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