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Everything is a Question

A community of lifelong learners, Marin Academy believes educational excellence should push the boundaries of what is known today to prepare students for a world we can’t even imagine tomorrow. These signals showcase how Marin Academy’s progressive pedagogy means “everything is a question,” as students actively engage in and experience their education in collaboration vs. in competition with one another, sharing their diverse perspectives.

In the logo, the abstract letterforms of the “M” and “A” can be found in the triangular design. Through the use of color and shape combinations, the triangles themselves model the diversity of thought, perspectives, and connections that the Marin Academy community embraces. The square is bold yet stable, and it provides a confident environment for the expressive icon and name treatments.

The shapes that come together to create the icons for the new strategic plan are reminiscent of the logo and represent the core building blocks of Marin Academy's ideology that inform their bold plan.

Photography features unexpected perspectives and dramatic croppings which draw in the viewer, challenge one to see the world in new ways, and convey the diverse voices of Marin Academy students.

The admissions video features a thought-provoking series of questions to give prospective students a glimpse into the school’s inquisitive culture.

Admissions materials unfold and invite the reader to think, question, and even create—mirroring Marin Academy’s aim to stimulate and stretch all the facets of a young mind.

Marin Academy had their strongest admissions season in history following their branding work with Mission Minded.

Every single penny that we have spent with Mission Minded has been doubly worth its value. It is astoundingly good work.

Travis Brownley as Head of School, Marin Academy

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