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Denver Children's Museum design example

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Open Doors

Beloved by children and their grown-ups alike, the Children’s Museum of Denver is a vibrant, spirited place where curious young minds explore, learn, and create through play. They’re on a mission to create extraordinary experiences that champion the wonder and joy of childhood. The brand comes to life through signals that position them as the museum “opening doors” to young minds.

The logo balances creativity, fun, and spontaneity with sophistication, expertise, and wisdom. The icon is a symbol of reaching for new heights, while the trail it leaves invites participation in the journey. The logo is the culmination of the idea of building blocks, and the triangles use a tangram to emphasize the spirit of adventure and the journey of childhood.

The use of colorful illustrations conveys children's natural curiosity and creativity. It emphasizes the strength of kid-powered learning and how it opens doors for Colorado’s curious young minds to express what they know and to discover more.

Playful photography brings an authentic human element. Close-ups, faces, action, and activity show what it feels like to come to the museum.

Color-coded, specialized patterns represent the visitor experience, bringing together science and discovery, nature and exploration, and arts and creativity.

The brand is prevalent throughout the museum, with environmental graphics applied conveying the museum’s intentionality behind the visitor experience.

Needless to say, we are thrilled with our new logo and could not have done it without all of you!

Mike Yankovich as President & CEO, Children's Museum of Denver

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