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Aging. Better.

Village Movement California is a coalition of grassroots community organizations called villages that seeks to revolutionize the experience of aging. As a new organization with the goals of strengthening the impact, accelerating the growth, and ensuring the sustainability of the growing Village Movement, they need to send messages of energy and vitality and reinforce the belief that individual villages will be stronger and more successful when they join forces.

The logo’s circular container suggests partnership and inclusivity, as well as the spotlight they shine on aging. Unique shapes reflect diverse representatives and perspectives. Triangles—like lights on inside a window—represent people who make up each village and convey that they are happy at home.

Made up of shapes derived from the logo, the graphic mosaic not only adds visual interest and texture to the Village Movement California identity, but also signals expertise, leadership, and the diversity of the community of partners.

Mission Minded helped us bring a level of professionalism to our work. The process has pushed us further than we first imagined and helped us focus.

Kate Hoepke as Founding Board Member, Village Movement California

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