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Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be You.

Army and Navy Academy believes greatness lies in every boy. But first they need to believe in themselves. Every day, Army and Navy Academy listens, challenges, and encourages boys to imagine and accomplish their goals. Army and Navy Academy knows that when they believe in a boy and nurture his best aspirations, he’ll discover his best self.

The logo features a modern Warrior, created out of quadrants of a circle coming together holistically. The plume of the Warrior’s helmet represents the radiance of sunshine from the school's unique coastal location. The illustration approach allows prospective and current Cadets to imagine themselves as part of the school, celebrating each boy's individual journey.

“Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be You.” serves not only as the school’s tagline, but the editorial theme for their admissions materials and serves as a structure for narrative themes. Visually, it is displayed in large, upper case letters that span the width of the page representing the boldness, brilliance, and courage of each boy.

Accent colors define the three mini publications of their admissions materials, which also pull from their tagline. The neutral gray conveys their intentional personality. The cool blue and warm yellow complement each other and highlight their coastal California campus.

Army and Navy Academy believes in the boy. This is reflected in their photography which features young men beaming with pride in an environment that cultivates brotherhood.

Accent colors serve as portals into the site that features the 3 elements of their tagline. The scenic background is a nod to their coastal location. The block-style design reinforces how they leverage structure.

This video simulates the unsure thoughts that naturally occur in the minds of young boys. It asks questions in the first person, as if coming from the viewer’s mind. As these questions stir in the viewer, we begin to hear the assuring voices of the brotherhood of older boys and adults who form his 24/7 experience at Army and Navy Academy. The video instills in the boy that he is already bold, brilliant, and unique, and reinforces the immersive support he will receive at the school.

Their magazine is titled “Believe” reinforcing that they believe in the boy. The cover features a cadet beaming with confidence, in addition to teasers to the three main sections of the magazine that pull from their tagline.

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