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Always Curious. Always Innovating.

Flint Hill School believes that when teachers model an innovative mindset, students are inspired to take meaningful risks and blaze trails of their own. Every day, they play for the “long game” in their students’ lives, unleashing in them the kind of human potential they need to take on the complexities of the world.

With a competitive landscape that includes several excellent schools, and an increasingly complicated world under our feet, the time was ripe for Flint Hill to assert its value. Through powerful language and dynamic visuals, the brand now reflects a relentlessly innovative school whose graduates have the courage to make a difference.

The “F” and the “H” of their mark create a dynamic connection of geometric shapes within a square—symbolizing that Flint Hill is supported by the connection of their community and inclusion of diversity.

Three questions guide the expression of the Flint Hill School Brand: Does this speak to our innovation? Is it dynamic? Does it reflect our inclusive community?

From print to web, Flint Hill inspires students to blaze their own trail by modeling innovative thinking.

Dynamic photography that features different points of view and scale, paired with the use of angles, balances their innovative and curious nature.

This is so beautiful and effective. Just stunning!

John Thomas as Headmaster, Flint Hill School

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