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Forever Forest

In its first century, Save the Redwoods League stood between California’s iconic redwood trees and the axe, protecting the last of the world’s ancient redwoods. Now, with its $120M Forever Forest campaign, the League pivots from prescient defense to even more bold offense. As proud champions, donors and the League will make an outsized impact on redwood ecosystems, the state of California, and our shared future.

Forever Forest takes the long view, as befits an ecosystem anchored by centuries-old giants. This campaign logo leans into that majesty, using the infinity symbol and forward-oriented type to reflect optimism, dynamism, and foresight. Like a river, the green loops here flow on without end, tying this campaign to scientific rigor, the weight of history, and our ability to make a lasting mark.

Big trees, bold words, and visionary donors can all make an outsized impact, just as the pages of this campaign brochure suggest. Everything here is presented at a grand scale, stepping up the power of the lone tree or isolated grove to that of the collective, state-wide, primordial forest. This is a landscape presentation one becomes immersed in.

From amidst the redwoods, storytellers give voice to the campaign’s compelling emotion. And, with its inspiring presence, the forest adds its own call to action, pulling the viewer into a sense of timeless sanctuary — one which you can champion.

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