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Together We Power Stability

Energy Outreach Colorado believes everyone deserves affordable access to the vital resources that power their homes. Every day, they respond to the urgent energy needs of their neighbors and work with their partners to provide efficient and sustainable home solutions. Because when everyone can afford and maintain their home, then they can focus on living, rather than merely surviving.

Energy Outreach Colorado stands up and speaks out for its neighbors. The energy and liveliness of the overlapping bands of color frame the house (representing their mission) that's also an arrow (representing positivity and upward movement.)

The brand projects a consistent, professional, and upbeat persona. Paired with the tagline, “Together We Power Stability,” the organization stands as an essential Colorado institution.

Photography shows real people doing a range of activities, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to serving all Coloradans.

Strong colors reflect their collaborative style, along with a balance of optimism and trust. Clean, rounded icons emphasize their focus.

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