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Shift the Power

Originally founded under the name “InMotion,” today Her Justice is one of the most powerful legal organizations in New York.

As the tagline suggests, the brand narrative for the renamed Her Justice shifts the power to demonstrate the power that occurs when New York’s top lawyers stand side by side with determined women.

Three questions guide the expression of the Her Justice brand: Does this convey shared strength? Does it feel empowering? Does it express urgency?

Her Justice shares this core message: “At Her Justice, we know that women facing poverty and abuse can transform their lives by working with powerful legal advocates. Every day, we mobilize the vast resources of New York City’s law firms, bringing together committed lawyers and determined women to secure life-changing results.”

“Help can’t wait.” Her Justice empowers more women to walk away from the courtroom free from abuse and ready to create successful futures. This urgency is expressed in the red and orange colors and in the movement of directional arrows.

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