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Are You Curious?

Carolina Friends School believes the best education must amplify a child’s curiosity, courage, and creative thinking. Every day, the school empowers their students to question the world around them, discover their passions, think deeply, and use their voices in service of the greater good.

Yet Carolina Friends School was misunderstood and seen as unstructured and lacking vigor. They needed their brand to convey the reality: that they offer a best in class education that values curiosity and creativity. It’s different by design.

Three questions guide the expression of the Carolina Friends School Brand: Does this spark curiosity? Are we asking others to use their voices? Is this grounded AND expansive?

Shifting from a staid logo design that literally reinforced that Carolina Friends School stayed inside the box, the new logo leaned into the idea of being different by design. Unexpected shapes and interactions reflect how the school encourages curiosity, while a myriad of colors visually represents the voices of many different students coming together.

Carolina Friends School intentionally signals an open invitation for all students to live and learn with purpose and change the world.

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