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Achieve Your Dreams

For the last 35 years, Canal Alliance has stood side-by-side with Marin County’s immigrant families who are challenged by a lack of resources and an unfamiliar environment. Despite Canal Alliance’s track record of success, and the deep respect it has earned from those who know them well, the organization remained hidden from the broader community. By defining their brand, unifying their team internally, and sharing the impact of their work, Canal Alliance now clearly stands for uplift, connection, and achieving your dreams.

Canal Alliance stands solid in Marin County while also giving support to others through education, advocacy, and knowledge. With an upward lift to the future, the organization is ascendant, partnering with motivated immigrants and their families to achieve more.

Dreams take flight for motivated immigrants, safe in the knowledge that Canal Alliance helps provide a foundation under their feet.

Whether navigating the site in Spanish or English, optimism shines through the open airiness. It’s clear that Canal Alliance cares about people, regardless of their nation of origin.

Through simplicity, transparency, and clarity, Canal Alliance guides those it serves through confusing hurdles and barriers to help them find success.

Mission Minded was able to succeed in a multi-cultural environment because they came from a place of not presenting themselves as teachers, but as learners. They created a space where everyone was able to speak and be heard.

Omar Carrera as CEO, Canal Alliance

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