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All In!

Amidst a renaissance in Oakland that brings both advantages and challenges, the Oakland Museum of California is a uniting force—a model of how an institution can reflect back upon its community. At the Oakland Museum of California, neighbors behave as neighbors once did, embodying what it means to live their lives together. The museum’s $85 million All In! campaign shakes off the unfair stigma Oakland unfairly carries and reframes the power and potential of museums for a new age.

Headlines prompt the reader to fill in the blanks or add their own story. This reinforces that there’s a community of contributors to the museum, as well as the campaign, giving everyone a sense of ownership over their own story.

Voices of many different kinds of donors are present, providing opportunities for each donor to see him or herself reflected. Hearing the voices together, we hear the various voices that together make up the museum, the campaign, and the community.

Embedding images inside letterforms provides one more way for the reader to see themselves inside the campaign.

In the past I’ve hired a writer and a separate designer to create my capital campaign brochure. I’m so glad I hired Mission Minded for everything because you’re helping us create something so much more powerful.

Rehana Abbas as Director of Philanthropy, Oakland Museum of California

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