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How to Memorize Your One Minute Message

You’ve spent a lot of time devising the perfect elevator pitch, or One Minute Message, for your organization. But now what? Don’t leave your One Minute Message stranded on your computer! Now’s the time to get practicing and take it out on the town. Using your new messaging often will help you make it routine, and eventually second-nature. Once you’re comfortable using your One Minute Message, you’ll be able to easily recite it on the fly while talking to prospective donors, introducing your organization to a group, or when a new acquaintance asks you, “So, what... +Read More

Your Organization’s Story: In One Minute

Most of us know how frustrating it is to miss an opportunity to hook someone on our organization. If you’ve ever felt like you haven’t communicated clearly about the organization you love when you had the chance, this post is for you. Being prepared to make a strong connection with would-be supporters means having powerful key messages memorized and ready to roll off your tongue. At Mission Minded, we think of messaging as a practice of prioritization. You don’t always know how much time you’ll have to talk about your work when you get the chance, so you better make sure you’re ready to say... +Read More

How To Craft Your One Minute Message

One of the hardest messages for any organization to create is the one that introduces your work to someone new. The One Minute Message, which is sometimes called an elevator pitch or elevator speech, needs to provide enough information about your organization without burying your audience in too many details about your programs. It needs to begin explaining why your organization exists in just a few words, and most importantly, it needs to leave them wanting more. It’s a tall order for a short sentence or two, and that’s why creating effective One Minute Messages is a big part of our Minute... +Read More

Introducing the Minute Message Model

Jennie and I have been teaching nonprofits how to talk about their work for almost ten years now at Mission Minded. For the most part, that’s meant working with our clients to develop brand frameworks and key messages that tell the story of their work in a compelling away, based on our research into their organization and our own long experience with nonprofit marketing. Occasionally, it’s meant getting up in front of a room and giving a presentation on one of our marketing guides. And now, we’re pleased to announce, it will mean something else: our new training program for... +Read More