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The Problem with Fundraising Communications

Posted by on March 20th, 2024
Posted in Blog, Nonprofit Communications, Nonprofit Copywriting, Nonprofit Fundraising, Nonprofit Messaging

Why do we communicate with and cultivate donors by sending signals that are inauthentic to the ideals of equity woven into our brand, values, and mission?

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Webinar: Messaging Must-Haves to End Your Year Strong

Posted by on October 19th, 2023
Posted in Blog, Nonprofit Messaging

It’s the end of the year. Your nonprofit is hard at work crafting messaging for the giving season, weaving stories …

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This image shows 5 light bulbs hanging. All but one have cords that are tangled. The one that isn't is lit, communicating that simple (non complex) ideas spark creativity.

The Power of Simple Language

Posted by on September 26th, 2023
Posted in Blog, Nonprofit Communications, Nonprofit Messaging, Storytelling

Cut out the complexity and leverage the power of simple language to invite in all your stakeholders and grow your brand.

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Engage Your Next Donor Generation: A Meaningful Connection Strategy

Posted by on August 30th, 2023
Posted in Blog, Capital Campaign, Nonprofit Fundraising, Nonprofit Messaging

Attracting younger donors is a challenge. Here is the piece you may be missing in your campaign strategy to reach them effectively.

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Inclusivity Is More Than a Best Practice

Posted by on May 28th, 2023
Posted in Blog, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Nonprofit Communications, Nonprofit Messaging

Here is what we are learning about inclusive language and how it can potentially exclude your stakeholders.

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Are Your Messages Right for Right Now?

Posted by on March 1st, 2023
Posted in Blog, Nonprofit Branding, Nonprofit Communications, Nonprofit Messaging

Ask yourself these four questions to make sure your organization’s messaging is timely, relevant, and right for right now.

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