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Make Your Brand Values Active!

Lukewarm, generic, uninspiring—these words should never describe your brand values. Yet, many nonprofit organizations continue to use solitary words as their values. It’s tempting to follow suit because, by definition, words like respect, transparent, and honest provide a solid foundation for your organization. Yet, solitary words as brand values often lack individuality and impact. They fail to do their job: to inspire your stakeholders. Values should be the principles upon which your organization makes decisions. AND, they should be memorable. When’s the last time Merriam-Webster’s... +Read More

How to Memorize Your One Minute Message

You’ve spent a lot of time devising the perfect elevator pitch, or One Minute Message, for your organization. But now what? Don’t leave your One Minute Message stranded on your computer! Now’s the time to get practicing and take it out on the town. Using your new messaging often will help you make it routine, and eventually second-nature. Once you’re comfortable using your One Minute Message, you’ll be able to easily recite it on the fly while talking to prospective donors, introducing your organization to a group, or when a new acquaintance asks you, “So, what... +Read More

Simple Marketing From The Farm: Using Old-School, Cost-Effective Tactics

Twelve months worth of words add up. From blog posts to brochures, websites to marketing collateral, I have found words to explain, entice and entertain. Yet, some of the most compelling words I have come across were in an unlikely, unexpected place—Pella, Iowa. My husband and I were making the trek from visiting my family in Nebraska to his in Illinois for the holidays. Without warning, we wandered into a marketing campaign in the middle of America’s cornfields. In the current generation of technology and newfangled marketing gimmicks, there stood a campaign built on simple common sense and... +Read More