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What is the Drew Dynamic?

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Drew School believes in teenagers—their ideas, their dreams, their opinions, and their potential. That’s why it challenges the traditional definition of success by defining achievement one student at a time.

Drew engaged Mission Minded to help identify what makes them unique in the competitive landscape of Bay Area independent schools. For Drew, that means being the school that provides a truly supportive environment to its students as they explore and navigate their high school years. The result is that Drew students develop into fascinating individuals who are sought after by colleges and who know themselves well when they step out into the world. Proudly and explicitly embracing this differentiation is a crucial part of the brand and messages we helped Drew develop.

With a brand strategy and key messages in hand, Mission Minded worked with Drew to develop a new visual identity and an admissions campaign that includes printed materials, website, and their first admissions video.

Early in our work, we began referring to the school’s unique approach as the Drew Dynamic. As we began developing the admissions campaign, we sought to identify and highlight what makes the school special. What is the Drew Dynamic? This admissions campaign powerfully answers the question.

Culture of Exploration + Individuality Embraced + Love of Learning = Fascinating Individuals

Drew is an urban oasis where it’s safe to learn and discover. Drawing inspiration from one of its most identifiable physical features—the living wall on the exterior of the school—the new visual identity uses similar colors that reflected warmth, balance, and exploration.

slide_drew_webReflecting Drew’s focus on individuality and embracing different learning styles, the view book narrative can be followed through rich photography and sound bites or through typographic design and on-brand language, meeting the reader where they are and excluding no one from the Drew experience. To emphasize Drew’s culture of exploration, the printed materials needed to provide an experience for the reader and had to look and feel different from the stack of materials prospective families typically take home. Drew’s view book measures smaller than what’s typical, making it easy to hold and flip through. The paper in the view book is high-quality, pleasing to the touch, and includes tactile elements like embossing and foil stamping that the reader can feel with their hands.

As the first introduction many prospective families have to Drew, the new website needed to clearly differentiate Drew from the pack. Large, emotionally-compelling photos of students helps the website visitor gain a glimpse into the lives of students, reinforcing that Drew students are happy and at the center of everything the school does. Throughout the site, visitors are encouraged to take part in the school’s culture of exploration with warm
invitations like “Explore Drew,” “Experience Our Academics,” and “Get to Know Us.”

As part of boldly embracing Drew’s unique approach to education—one that embraces individuality—Drew’s lively new admissions video gives prospective families the chance to hear from the students themselves about what it feels like to be part of the Drew community.

Drew’s brand is about putting the student at the center of their education experience and providing the environment for teenagers to discover who they are and who they might become. Owning and embracing this brand allows Drew to rise to the top of their own category, giving prospective families a clear understanding of who they are and what they stand for.

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