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Planning to Plan: What Will You Celebrate This Time Next Year?

Here are five ways to ensure your next strategic plan will be cause for celebration. Lead a visionary plan that inspires your community.

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Giving Tuesday is May 5: How Can You Prepare?

How your organization can prepare for Giving Tuesday on May 5 amid the uncertainty of Coronavirus.

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Together, We’re Stronger

Mission Minded recently helped refresh the brand of California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. Our work culminated in new key ...

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More than a Membership: Why Associations Need Strong Branding

Every organization has a brand, but cultivating a strong brand pays you association dividends. Here are severn reasons why.

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Your Best Story is a Metaphor

How can a metaphor be your nonprofit’s best story and help make complex problems relatable to your audiences.

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How to Know When Your Organization Needs a Brand Message Strategy

Learn what brand messaging is and the four reasons why your organization may benefit from embarking on a brand messaging strategy.