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Amplify the Year

Posted by on December 19th, 2018
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For a branding firm, you better believe that Mission Minded strives to live our brand every single day through our interactions with our clients, in our work, and with each other. After all, brand begins with people. One of the ways we bring our love of brand–and commitment to our own values–to life is through our annual Amplify the Year celebration.

Inspiration for Our On-Brand Celebration

Amplify the Year is built on our tagline and brand promise–Amplify the Good. As a brand promise, Amplify the Good rallies our team to focus on the positive, make good work even better, and accentuate our clients’ amazing efforts through strong, clear communications. Personally, I can’t imagine a better “get out of bed in the morning” call to action than Amplify the Good.

While each and every Mission Minded employee aims to Amplify the Good always, reflecting upon that over the course of the year allows us to celebrate–and recognize–how everyone on our team brought our brand promise to life.

Unlike Michael Scott’s Office Dundie Awards, our Amplify the Year doesn’t focus on frivolous accolades. Rather, it’s a thoughtful retrospective of the past year through the lens of our values:

  • Champion Each Other
  • Stay Curious
  • Improve, Always
  • Stay Positive
  • Live Fully

It gives us a chance to see work our colleagues have done for our clients and celebrate their successes. While more dignified than Michael Scott’s efforts, we do mingle witty humor and fun into the mix.

Amplify the Year 2018

This year, we enjoyed our celebration virtually. As a virtual team, we couldn’t think of a more fitting way to “gather.” Plus, with holiday events and travel on the horizon, we wanted to make the celebration as hassle-free as possible so our team could Live Fully (brand value). We all gathered via video conference and Amplified the Good.

We had a lot to celebrate this year. We did good work. And, we supported phenomenal organizations. You can find some of our recent work here and a full lineup of our amazing clients here.

Throughout the virtual celebration, our #AmplifytheGood Slack channel was a buzz as people gave shout outs to each other, recognizing feats which ranged from Staying Positive while forgetting a laptop in the airport security line to Championing Each Other by being a constant resource to our team.



Now you might be wondering, what happened after our Amplify the Year on-brand celebration? Then what? We gear down so we can gear up for a great year ahead. To us, that means our entire team completely unplugs from work for two weeks (this means no email or social media activity from us at Mission Minded). It’s one of the ways we Live Fully–spending time to refresh and reflect so we can bring our best to our work, each other, and our clients in the new year.

Look for a post in early 2019 about how our team chose to Live Fully over the holiday break.

Whether an end-of-year celebration or holiday card, how does your nonprofit live your brand? We’d love to hear or see how you wrap your year on-brand! Comment below or on our Facebook page.


Julie Malmberg Grawe is Director of Digital and a Senior Brand Strategist based in Denver with diverse experience working in the nonprofit, foundation, and corporate sectors.

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2 responses to “Amplify the Year”

  1. Our board and staff decorated custom designed gingerbread cookies shaped like our logo (an African library) and the children who use them. Then we hand delivered them to personally thank our biggest donors for the impact they have created with their generosity.
    You can see an example of the cookies on the home page of our website.