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Let’s Live Fully

Posted by on January 15th, 2019
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Work-life balance is more than just a beautiful dream. It’s something we — and you — know is essential. The world outside of work reinvigorates us. It’s what makes achieving our missions possible.

At Mission Minded, we so strongly believe in the worthiness of a good reset that one of our organizational values is to “Live Fully”. And, knowing how tough it can be to turn off, we close our offices for two weeks over the holidays. Email goes to vacation response, Slack goes to sleep, and we encourage each other to reconnect with our passions outside of work.

For some of us, this means time for adventure or travel. For others, it equals as much time in their pajamas as possible. But however we define our ideal breaks, we honor one another’s time away from their desks.

Some Mission Minded strategists spent their time away attending immersive art exhibits or relishing the serenity in rustic cabins. There was at least one lively, all-night party and a string of two-a-day workouts. Those are different but equally solid ways to start fresh.

Many of us spent time enjoying being outdoors. From the dry deserts of California to excellent ski conditions in the Colorado mountains, we trekked and schussed and even hugged a tree or two (at least figuratively).

“I hiked through the desert for two weeks. The dynamic landscapes nourished my soul, and the epic expansiveness opened my mind.”

“Powder days. Enough said.”

“I was overcome with gratitude for the work done by so many of our clients who protect and inspire love for the beautiful land we enjoy in California.”

We got in some quality time with family and our furry friends, letting leisure and love replenish us.

While on a journey across the country, one of us got to watch the Potato drop in Boise, ID. Another reconnected with her grandmother in India, going through old family albums and hearing stories about her ancestors.

“For me, living fully meant being around my grandmother and taking time to integrate with my culture and customs.”

“I spent the holiday break moving from Denver to Seattle. We found fun stops along the way and saw new parts of the country.”

Like most of you reading this, we also spent a lot of time celebrating. From holiday parties to theme parties, spirits stayed high. Our Co-founders Zach and Jennie even got to share a special moment when Jennie was greeted with an unexpected out-of-town guest at her Christmas party.


“Living Fully means that you commit to doing things that help you recharge and refresh mentally, physically and emotionally.”

As we get back to work this new year, we feel grateful for our community of colleagues and clients, all of whom imbue their work with humanity, passion, and purpose. We live fully so we can show up fully, working to make this world better.

Living fully is one of our shared values at Mission Minded. Taking the time to set those values out has helped us hone in on what’s truly important for all of us. If you haven’t honed in on the values that drive your organization, the start of the year is the perfect time for a new beginning and increased clarity. Read on to learn how you can amplify your own brand values this new year.


With a background in project management and brand positioning, Abbey Meyers is a creative professional with a love for strategy and planning. A firm believer that all good narratives should have a backbone, she loves the art of effective storytelling through a creative fusion of cold hard facts and future untapped potential.

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  1. Love that photo of Zach in what I think is ’70s attire! I liked this blog because it provided some insights into the lives of Mission Minded staff.