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Live life well.

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Healthcare matters to us all. Responsive, efficient healthcare ensures that we have the best chance possible to acquire and maintain good health. Yet, too often healthcare feels like a business transaction. We want the best healthcare, but we also want the comfort of a home.

Clinic Ole Community Health offered both, but this wasn’t apparent through their brand. The Napa-based medical center needed a brand that would embrace their rich history while better reflecting the innovative healthcare organization they are today. With incredible physicians and staff that could work anywhere but choose to work in their own community, the healthcare organization knew its current brand signals were not reinforcing the true Clinic Ole experience.

They partnered with Mission Minded to develop vital brand components, including a new messaging framework, name, tagline, visual identity, and website. This suite of brand hallmarks would work powerfully together to craft a new voice, look, and name for Clinic Ole Community Health—one that would inspire the community to connect with the organization to see the creative and progressive healthcare approach located right in their backyard.

ole_docIt was vital that Clinic Ole represent their forward-looking approach while remaining deeply committed to their roots. Rather than serving the organization as a juxtaposition of disparate ideas, these two defining components became married within a brand strategy that showcases what makes Clinic Ole so unique. The brand encompasses a dynamic, positive tension between being familiar and local while also providing visionary, best in class care.

As Clinic Ole began to articulate and solidify their brand, it was clear that a name change was in order. “Clinic” carried perceptions of a brand that was not aligned with the intimate, high-quality Clinic Ole experience. However, Clinic Ole was a cherished member of the community, and had no desire to abandon its legacy and deeply tied roots, especially among Latinos. The name had to evolve, while remaining firmly connected to its meaningful history.

Clinic Ole Community Health transformed into OLE Health. “OLE” is celebratory and energetic, carrying a critical component of the organization’s history into their future. OLE Health is proudly rooted in Napa and devoted to their community, yet also smart, professional, and progressive.

Their new tagline presented a key opportunity to celebrate the benefit of the high-level, person-centered care they provide: Live Life Well. At OLE Health, their healthcare model is truly about providing patients with the tools they need to live a healthy, happy life. The tagline is both an inspiring call to action and a reassurance: It speaks to OLE Health’s full-spectrum healthcare services from the voice of caring, trustworthy healthcare champions.

ole_cardsTo bring OLE Health to life, they chose a wordmark for their new logo. Like OLE Health, the letters that compose the logo are modern and compassionate, visionary and genuine, and best in class and uniquely local. The color palette is an expression of OLE Health’s brand: Bold, bright colors convey innovation while calm, soothing cool blue and neutral gray convey healthcare. The wordmark lives in these vibrant, yet reassuring, colors atop their new tagline, which sits in a sleek grey with gradient weights to emphasize the power behind the statement as it builds with each word. The stacking of the name and tagline creates an information hierarchy that puts their heritage front and center, heralding it proudly. The typeface is soft yet sturdy, clean yet friendly, encompassing the entirety of OLE Health’s personality. This visual identity demonstrates what one may feel upon walking into OLE Health—empathy, inclusion, professionalism, and smart service.

For their new website, OLE Health wanted to create a user experience reflective of all that they have to offer and provide an understanding of how their care feels. Through extensive user-testing we ensured that the new design would be simple, easy to navigate, and welcoming to users of all levels.

The Ole Health War Room was the central hub to make sure the launch went off flawlessly.

The Ole Health War Room was the central hub to make sure the launch went off flawlessly.

Carefully and compassionately communicating these brand changes internally was important for a successful effort. OLE Health is comprised of 250 dedicated staff, passionately invested in their work and their patients. The professionals who operate at OLE Health deeply believe that their person-centered, team-based approach is what it takes to build a community of strong, healthy residents, and they are steadfast in their care for these individuals. Key leadership at OLE Health convened the entire staff to work together to execute their new name and brand in word and in deed. This empowered every member of the OLE Health team to be an impassioned brand representative, ensuring that this new brand direction was embraced and heralded across the entire spectrum of their organization.

Then, OLE Health took its new brand public. Online and in person, OLE Health is now sending the visual and written messages that mirror the personality of an organization that is trustworthy; who cares for everyone, at every stage of life; who embodies a healthcare home customized to the wellness needs of each and every patient.

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